Wiz IDE.

Wiz IDE is a IDE for C/C++. It is going to be a professional IDE with all the features. I have coded some of the classes for the IDE. The initial version of the IDE will be released after some time.



Planned Features.

The main objective of this project is to develop an IDE targeted towards Windows and Linux environment. It is a IDE for C/C++ languages primarily. I want it to be one of the professional Integrated development environments for C++ with a multiplatform class library.

Planned Features :
  • Complete, professional IDE for C++ for mulitplatform application development.
  • Class browser.
  • Resource Editor.
  • Flexible editor using Scintilla
     It is a platform independent text rendering edit control
  • Scripting scheme to include any compiler.
  • and ....

User Interface:

  • It will use a new user interface. Buttons, tabs, Message boxes and very flexible docking system 
  • In addition some new concept of controls. 
  • Custom message box. 
This project aspires to not to use any of the copy right obligated libraries. I want it be coded in pure C++ as far as possible.


The tWidgets are Object Oriented C++ class wrappers around C Win32 APIs / GTK/GNOME. Wiz IDE will support programming with tWidgets to Enable Rapid Application Development.

It also forms the class frame work around which Wiz IDE is built.  It makes use of the template features and Macros to warp the inherent platform details. It has a standardized message handling for the platforms.

It is a generic approach towards a strictly object oriented class frame work to warp win32 apis / GTK/GNOME. It will have a totally new user interface. ( more details...)

tWidget Class lib.
 About tWidgets...